Hanging with a trend

From Manager, July 8, 2019
Thanathorn: Stop it… Hanging on for a long time, but it doesn’t work. Can’t create a mob!!!
Caption: Then those who are hanging… have started to get down.

[Refers to a case of political activist Sirawithy ‘Ja New” Seritiwat who was severely attacked in public, presumably for his lobbying against the government.
Anti-military and anti-government groups publicized the case to show how their activities were being curtailed. Those skeptical of anti-military and anti-government groups suspected that the waters were being tested for yet another mass demonstration (or “mob” as Thais call it) to attempt to bring down the new government. Ultiamtely it seems there was not enough public sentiment to justify open anti-government protests again.
The cartoon uses the Thai’s proverb “hanging with a trend” meaning trying to use a trend for one’s own benefit.]

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