Hanged for Article 44

From Thairath, February 28, 2017
Title: Buddhist country? Article 44
On the paper held by the hanged man: I am asking for your consideration in revoking Article 44. If you don’t do it by 21:00 today, collect my body.
Mouse man: Mourning.
Mouse: Protect the religion.

[This refers top the recent incident where a Dhammakaya supporter hung himself in protest of the government attempting to apprehend the sect’s abbot using the absolute powers of Article 44.
Most of the media have continually ridiculed the Dhammakaya Movement in recent months.
Since late last month, pro-Red Shirt voice, like the artists of this cartoon, have begun to defend Dhammakaya against the moves of the military junta to dismantle the sect, here contending that military absolute power is being used to attack Thai Buddhism.
More on Article 44
More on Dhammakaya]

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