Hammer for Dhammakaya


From Manager, February 28, 2016
Left: Abbot of Dhammakaya temple, Dhamachayo: This hammer is the one that can pound the heaven door when you want to enjoy happiness in heaven. [Refers to the symbolic hammer one would employ to enter a heavenly peace. The Dhammakaya adherant, following the temples controversial doctrine of money for merit, sits in front of a pile of money to be given to the temple for the hammer.]
Caption: Trying to sell the hammer.
Right: Thaksin: This one is for you, my venerable monk. The hammer to pound the prison door to escape when you want to enjoy happiness in the outside world.
Caption: In order to buy another hammer. [This refers to the allegations that the Dhammakaya Movement has conducted suspicious financial transactions and supports and is supported by Thaksin as part of his political clique.]

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