Guin must not die in vain

From Manager, May 4, 2021
Somsak: Guin said using his stomach to call people out for this moment.
Protester: Wa!
On the signs held by protesters: RIP Guin; Guin dies, our friend; Don’t let Guin die in vain
On the sign held by Panika ‘Chor’ at left: Guin must not die in vain

[Refers to Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak and his hunger strike. He was demanding to be released on bail for lese majeste charges. In recent weeks his mother and anti-government groups called the court to release Penguin before he died. The government moved him to a hospital and claimed his condition was not serious as protesters claimed. The cartoonist is joking that the student movement is using Penguin’s health to try to generate public interest in their waning protests.
Penguin was finally released this week after agreeing not to repeat the actions he was arrested for.]

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