Great Rum From Where? Yes, Thailand

Great Rum From Where? Yes, Thailand – Forbes, August 15, 2013
…Phraya plays a lot on Eastern philosophy in its marketing, and claims adherence to the ancient Asian way of viewing the world as governed by four natural elements, Fire, Earth, Air and Water. The Fire comes in the form of the charred oak barrels the rum is aged in. The Earth is responsible for the quality of the sugar cane, grown in Thailand’s Nakhon Pathom. The Air is the tropical climate of the region, and the aging warehouses are buildings set on stilts over cool lagoons to moderate the hot weather. The water is, well, water, naturally occurring near where Phraya is distilled…

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  1. Wiz says:

    After taking a look at the name of the company (International Beverage Holdings Limited), I have track down and found that International Beverage Holdings Limited is Subsidiary of ThaiBev – the way to gain the international recognition for Thai rum and other alcoholic drinks of Thailand

    Here is more of the confirmation – with the price to pay for Phray rum at the duty free of Suvannabhum International Airport in a 750ml bottle at 40%abv. Itre with the retail price at 1,600 Baht(approximately USD50/euro 40.45/GBP 30.60), Even more expensive than the Black Label [favorite imported Whisky of average Thai drinkers]

  2. Wiz says:

    I just suspect that Phraya Rum may come from Saeng Som brewer of Thai Bev as seen here – A Glorified version of Saen Som indeeed – even better than Saen Som Similan

  3. Peppy says:

    Wiz is correct. Here it is listed on Thai Bev’s products page (seventh item down):

    I prefer Chiang Chun myself. 🙂

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