Grandma Niaum can go to heaven now

From Manager, September 4, 2017
Voice: Grandma Niaum… please go to the heaven… You don’t have a chance to see those people who cheat the land to be in jail… Tu’s government [PM Prayuth’s govenrment] has just launched a law to benefit the last person involved in this case.
Caption: It’s good… she doesn’t need to wait.

[Refers to case of the Alpine Golf Course. This land was owned by an elderly lady, Grandma Niaum, who donated the land to a temple after her death. However, her land was somehow sold for building a luxury golf course.
The case was one of many high profile corruption cases that dogged the Thaksin years as PM and seemed to underline how rules were bent to reward his supporters.
Recently, the Supreme Court made a ruling that resulted in jail for former Pheu Thai Party leader Yongyuth Wichaidit due to illegally approving the land deal for the Alpine Golf Course in Pathum Thani 15 years ago.
We do not understand exactly what this cartoon is referring to. Does anyone know? Who is the last person that some law benefits?]

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