Govt raps WSJ criticism of PM’s Thai-language speech
รัฐบาลตำหนิ WSJ ที่วิจารณ์คำกล่าวภาษาไทยของยิ่งลักษณ์

Govt raps WSJ criticism of PM’s Thai-language speech – The Nation, March 10, 2012
…Thani also questioned the reporter’s motive in writing the article. “I sincerely hope this is not the direction to be taken by a respected newspaper such as yours,” he concluded.
Suranand offered a similar explanation to reporters at Government House yesterday. He said written translations of Yingluck’s speech in Japanese and English were made available to participants at a function at the Japan Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday.
“It was agreed with the event organisers. The Japanese side spoke in Japanese and the prime minister in Thai. If the agreement called for her to speak in English, she would have done so. There are no reasons to think that the prime minister cannot speak English. The complete translations were available in print,” Suranand said…

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