Government from Afar: Thaksin’s Decision on the Military Reshuffle, Confers with the Police Chief

Critics blast top cop’s Thaksin trip – Meeting with fugitive leader called unethical – Bangkok Post, July 26, 2012
National police chief Priewpan Damapong has come under fire after leaving the country to meet fugitive former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra in Hong Kong…

Sukumpol consults with Thaksin on reshuffle list – Bangkok Post, July 26, 2012
…The former premier picked Gen Thanongsak Apirakyothin, an assistant to army chief Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha, as the new permanent-secretary for defence, said ACM Sukumpol.
Thaksin also made the decision to appoint ACM Prajin Jantong, an assistant to air force chief ACM Itthaporn Subha-wong, as the new air force commander, said ACM Sukumpol…

The prime minister is still under big brother’s orders – The Nation, July 26, 2012
Despite all the denials, it’s clear that the real leader of this country resides in exile and has a clone and assorted proxies to do his bidding…

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