Goodbye to Cartoonist Chai

From Thairath, June 3, 2019
Chai: Life is a journey. To get off at some stations does not mean to end the journey.
It is just a separation to find another way in the big world. It may be lonely but challenging.
Phuyai Ma and his friends in Thung Ma Meon village would like to say goodbye and will not forget all the gratitude received from all of you.
Good for now, but not forever.
At right Phuyai Ma: …Goodbye. If you have a chance, we will meet each other again… [lyrics from a famous song]
On the sign: Bangkok

[Refers to famous political cartoonist Chai Ratchwat who recently decided to stop his long-time political cartoon titled “Phuyai Ma Kap Thung Ma Moen” which was published in Thairath.
“Phuayi” is a position equivalent to the head of the village.]

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