Good persons don’t cheat


From Thairath, October 1, 2015
Title: It’s about the more expensive one… can’t be serious!
On a left bag: 62.5 million baht each
On a right bag: 157 million baht each
The man with sunglasses is Transport Minister Prajin Juntong
Phi Nooring: The price difference is… too small.
Mouse: Good persons don’t cheat.

[Refers to the news that the new airport link trains bought from China are more expensive than that offered by Malaysia. This led to a demand that the junta suspend the purchase and investigated whether corruption is involved.
The public would assume the difference is both corruption as well as pandering to the powerful Chinese in return for support for the Thai junta.
The cartoon mouse ridicules the junta that has cultivated an image that they are different that politicians because they are not corrupt and wish true reform of the country.]

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