Good deeds passport

From Thairath, July 25, 2014
Title: Passport to Goodness!
Men in the back row (L-R): Exchange for the position of adviser, exchange for a position in the cabinet
Men in the front row (L-R): Exchange for a position in the Reform Council, exchange for a position in the legislative assembly
On passports: Good people/Good boy
On bag held by woman: Ministry of Education
Phi Nooring: Return happiness to good people
A mouse: Good people love to do as their group wants.
[Refers to the plan proposed by the Ministry of Education for a passport of goodness in which authorities will document student’s good deeds. This would be one of the documents considered by universities for admission. This plan was launched in response to the junta’s suggestion on the 12 disciplines to become good children. The cartoonist seems to subtly imply that the plan is insure future official conform to military discipline.]

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