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Editorial: Go the right way - translated and summarized from Thairath, July 25, 2005

The editor said there are three criticisms with the emergency decree. The first is worrying for over power that effects the rights and freedom of innocent people because officers are amnestied in advance. The second is wondering whether some parts of the decree are opposed to the constitution. The last issue is--can the decree actually solve the southern problem?
Mr. Anan Panyarachun of the National Reconciliation Commission (NRC), criticizes that the decree is opposite to the reconciliation principles because this decree supports using violence to solve problems in the three southern border provinces. He also worried that the culture of using violence is rooted in Thai ways and has become innate.
Actually, the government and government officials have power to implement keeping the peace, because of martial law in the three southern provinces. However, eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth proved that violence cannot help, but makes it worse.
The vital obstacle for solving problems in the south is not because officials or the government does not have absolute power to deal with the terrorists. The point is how much they (government and officials) appreciate the King's speech "Access, Understand and Develop" and whether they use the power by law in the right way? Do they use excessive power?
He believes that Thai people give moral support to the government for success in reviving the peace. If this decree make the government successful, it is good, but if not, there will have more voices demanding the government be responsible. But experience inside and outside the country proves that violence only cannot quench violence. It leads to more violence such as with the USA and Iraq.
Thais also had a lesson fighting with the Communist party and finally they used reconciliation.
So, in solving the situation in the south, we just hope the government will go to the right way finally.
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