Giving up on the Red Shirts

From Manager, June 29, 2017
Yingluck holds a sign that reads: 6 million already. [meaning she has 6 million likes of Facebook]
Red Shirt leader Jatuporn: Oh!… Khun Poo has used the Facebook “like” mob instead of ours!!!
On the left: Water support tube [this symbolizes the flow of money to someone of some organization; here it specifically refers to the money Thaksin pays to the Red Shirt leaders for running the movement and following his orders]
Man with glasses: That is why… the water has stopped for years.
Caption: New mob of Poo

[This cartoon demonstrates a new reality that appears to be emerging. This is a shift by Thaksin away from relying on the Red Shirts in favor of the power of social media to mobilize support.
The Red Shirt movement has been diminished by the historical perspective of their activities as the years pass. Their threats and use of arson, the political opportunism of their activities, and anti-monarchy rhetoric means conventional politicians are hesitant to be too closely associated with them.
Pheu Thai politicians, dealing with the new political reality of military domination after the next elections, will likely be wary of aligning themselves with a movement seen as a political front for the Shinawatra family.
Foes of the junta have refused to fold their discontent into Thaksin’s Red Shirt movement, but instead have successfully mobilized support online–free of the political Red Shirt baggage.
Even the Shinawatra family seems to be following this lead, with former PM Yingluck amassing a huge following online. As she was popular across the political spectrum when PM and is likely being perceived as being treated unfairly–even by some Thaksin foes–creating a support base outside the Red Shirts allows for people to sympathize with her even if they reject the tactics and ideology of the Red Shirts.
The cartoonist contends that this means that the necessity for Thaksin to fund, and thus control, the movement has diminished.]

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