Give a special one to him

From Thairath, January 22, 2021
Title: Coming to inject the COVID vaccine
Left side: International injection
Right side: Thai injection
In Thanatorn’s syringe: 112 [the lese majeste law]
Thanathorn: May I ask… [meaning is is being attacked for asking questions about the vaccine procurement]
On the paper: Covid vaccine
Phi Nooring: Give a special one to him [meaning they are giving a special injection to Thanatorn by charging him with lese majeste]
Mouse: They don’t allow to have suspicions

[Refer to Thanathorn who is being accused of violating the Article 112 of the Criminal Codes, which ban any insults or threats made toward the Royal Family, after he questioned the transparency of the COVID-19 vaccine program between Siam Bioscience, a company connected to the Crown Property Bureau, and the British pharmaceutical firm AstraZeneca.]

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