Gina II run aground in Songkhla


Gina II - December 4, 2004's webmaster standing next to the Gina II run aground in Songkhla in 1992. Anyone have any details about this incident?

(Photo: MJL)

(Photo: MJL)

More on the Gina II - December 16, 2004
MJL writes: Yes, poor Gina II. She had a somewhat unsavory history. I was in Songkhla in 1992 and the story we heard back then was this: She was registered in Panama, but where she was actually built no one seemed to know. Her name had been changed at least once (when she was washed up on the beach you could clearly see that the old name had been painted over) and was used for smuggling (once it was cashews!) to and from various ports in the Philippines, Viet Nam, Singapore, etc.
While she was anchored offshore awaiting an open berth in the Songkhla deep sea port, tropical storm Forrest blew through and because one of her anchors wasn't working very well, the strong currents pushed her nearly into shore. The authorities were worried that a sub sea fiber optic line would be torn up and so had her towed in. Because she had been involved in smuggling and the crew were all illegals--Burmese and Vietnamese--no one ever claimed ownership.
Eventually the government hired a company to salvage her and that was the sad end of our lady Gina. Word around here is that the guy who owned the salvage company made so much money on that job that he closed shop and moved off to Krabi.

Update - December 8, 2005
Narit writes: At the time I lived in Songkhla and as far as i remember from what my dad told me this ship was from Panama and it had some kind of engine failure that could not be repaired. I guess it would cost them too much. So they abandoned the ship and just left Thailand somehow. Then a local company retrieved this ship for their own business. This is as much as I know.
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