Getting the chair

From Thairath, July 5, 2017
Title: It’s called very serious [meaning that instead of reforming the country as they promised, the junta is focused on building post-election coalitions to maintain their power]
On the chair in the left: PM from the coup
On the chair in the right: PM from the election
On the ladder: MPs cozying up with the NCPO [meaning many potential MPs are making deal to join the a junta-led coalition after the next elections]
On the tractor: 250 Senators [referring to an appointed senate that will elect the PM along with elected MPs]
On the carpets from left to right: NRSA [National Reform Steering Assembly, a board to direct Thailand’s policy into the future], flatter, NLA [National Legislative Assembly, the junta’s governing body], pro-junta parties, establish the party to support
Phi Nooring: Chaotically searching for an ideal PM
Mouse: Ashamed to appoint [someone from] their own group [meaning that the MP factions would normally push one of their own for PM, but this time they will join to support a military candidate]
[This cartoon points out the current mad rush to use the tools of the new charter to create a new government. This government is designed to prevent another Thaksin-directed from taking power.]

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