Getting rid of Abhisit

From Manager, March 26, 2019
Sign on the building: Democrat [meaning the headquarters of the Democrat Party]
People inside the building: Make a call to Phalang Pacharath quickly… hurry… unless it will be too late!!!
On sign held by Abhisit: I don’t support Mr. Prayuth to continue his power absolutely.

[Refers to former Democrat party’s leader Abhisit Vejjajiva who resigned from the party leader to show his responsibility for his party’s electoral failure. He had repeatedly declared his party would not support PM Prayuth to continue as PM after the election.
However, many in the party wished to support the junta to blocks Thaksin’s reemergence into politics again.
The cartoonist shows party members rushing to join the military coalition now that Abhisit, and the party’s pledges not to support the military, have been sidelined.]

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