It’s Too Late, Toi

From Thairath, September 4, 2011

The cartoon headline: It’s too late, Toi … [Toi is a nickname for both males and females. It is used in a saying to say to someone that it’s too late or too slow to do something.]

Top left: It’s too late, Toi… to conserve forests that are the source of water. [meaning the lack of forest cover creates flooding]

Top middle: It’s too late, Toi… to think about laying a wreath for anyone again. [referring to the Red Shirt attacking anti-government protesters trying to lay a wreath at parliament]

Top right: It’s too late, Toi… for the media to think they have freedom.

Bottom left: It’s too late, Toi… to block the way. [The steamroller reads “Changing the constitution.”]

Bottom middle: It’s too late, Toi… for government officials to resist political authority. [Cartoon shows Chalerm Yoobamrung kicking former National Police Chief Pol. Gen. Wichien Pojphosri.] 

Bottom right: It’s too late, Toi… [for Abhisit] to start setting up political schools. [refers to Democrat Party plan to open schools for the youth wing of their party. It is too late because Thaksin and the Red Shirts have already had political indoctrination schools running for several years.]

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