Getting Jatuporn and Sombat


[This is the chart revealed to the press in May after the arrest of eight people for maintaining websites and Facebook pages attacking the PM, the government, and the draft constitution.

The arrests are less about the rights of people to criticize the military government and more about an attempt to show the public that attacks on the junta are politically funded efforts by the Red Shirts, and thus, Thaksin. The chart is lobbying by the military to try to get people to see that criticism of the junta is politics as usual for Thaksin’s benefit.

In the Thai world, showing that a “third hand” or political source is behind protest activity is used to discredit the message of the protest. Beyond this, Thai justice is conditional. If someone is cooperating with the top powers, they will not be the subject of public accusations and legal proceedings.

For the junta to make public claims that top Red Shirts are involved and that an unknown person (Thaksin’s son or Thaksin himself) is the kingpin indicates that there is no behind-the-scenes deal being made with Thaksin.

Such arrests are not an attempt by the junta to show its weakness (as international media likes to speculate when such events occur). Instead they are meant to show the Thai political world that the junta is serious about getting the charter passed (even if by one vote) and that politicians must face up to a new landscape where Thaksin and his money can no longer operate openly and be a political force.]

Title: Chart of a group of people violating Criminal Code Section 16

At top is an unidentified person meant to allude to Thaksin’s son or Thaksin himself.

2nd person: Mr. Chaitat Rattanajan [and ID number]

To his right: [yellow] Activity [orange] received the instructions from his superior and allocates funds to the team. [yellow] Military warrant no. 32/59

3rd person: Mr. Harit Mahaton, Birthday: 28 September 1989, age 27

To his right: [yellow] Activity [orange] An advisor. Supervising the contents of a webpage named “We love Gen. Prayuth” and a webpage named “UDD Thailand” [more too small to read] Received an order from Mr. Chaitat to supervise the work done by Miss Natthika. A freelance writer and cartoonist. [yellow] Military warrant no. 32/59

4th person: Miss Natthika Worathaiyawich (Nat) [and address] [yellow] Military warrant no. 25/59

Underneath and to the left of her photo: A leader of the team [yellow] Activity [orange] A leader of the team/webpage admin of “We love Gen. Prayuth” and other anti-junta pages including “uddthailand,” “Red Intelligence,” and “Red Democracy, Red shirt’s democracy.”
She received money for managing the webpages at 110,000 baht/month from Mr. Harit Mahaton since March 2014. And money to allocate to five team members (named Yothin Mangkhangsanga, Noppakao Kongsuwan, Worawit Saksamutnan, Supachai Saibut and Kannasit Tangboonthina) in the amount of 85,000 baht/month.

Apart from this, she was also hired to operate the website of Peace TV named “Jatuporn Prompan” and “Peace TV” from March 2014. She used the same team that operated the anti-junta/anti-NCPO webpages. She received a monthly payment from Peace TV of 20,000 baht.

Used to receive funds from Mr. Sombat Boon-ngamnong for operating the anti-junta pages from 1 December 2013-31 March 2014 (during the beginning of operating the webpages) in the total amount of 992,500 baht by allocating funds to support the webpage admin to attack the PDRC [The People’s Democratic Reform Committee, a group that protested the Pheu Thai when it attempted to pass an amnesty for Thaksin]

Left of Natthika’s photo: Jatuporn Prompan [green] hired [others to] operate the webpages
[Jatuporn is a top Red Shirt leader.]

Right of Natthika’s photo: Mr. Sombat Boon-ngamnong [green] hired [others to] operate the webpages
[Sombat is the leader of a Red Shirt offshoot movement that has often clashed with the leadership of the mainstream (like Jatuporn).
Below this point are more details of rank-and-file people who allegedly operated the websites.]

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