Getting closer for Thaksin

From Naewna, April 11, 2017
Thaksin: Do it more… do it more
On the water: Road map for election
On the tank: The NCPO [meaning the junta]
On the devil: Mayors and head of villages
Caption: Like a trichopodus leerii fish in new water… Don’t care about his mediums anymore.

[Refers to the Thai idiom “like a trichopodus leerii fish (a pearl gourami) in new water” which is something like the English idiom “as happy as a lark.” The cartoonist implies that Thaksin is very cheerful that the National Council for Peace and Order led by PM Prayuth, is getting closer to having to name an election date. This, according to Thaksin’s plan, will allow his party return to power once again.
As he is sure his goal will be achieved, he does not care about the state of village headmen who will now have their power reduced through periodic elections. As they formerly served for life, the new changes will shake up the power structure in many villages. This is symbolized by the angry headman and the devil behind him who threatens violence over the changes to the rules.]

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