Get That Constitution Amended!

From Komchadluek, December 18, 2012
On the battering ram: People’s referendum
[This refers to the government’s call for referendum to amend the 2007 constitution. This has been criticized for its expense and the suspicion that it is merely an initiative to whitewash Thaksin.]

From Thairath, December 13, 2012
Cartoon title: If we get it done too slow, we may die before [it’s done].
Over the Constitution Monument: ’07 Constitution
On the monument: The legacy of a dictator
On the back of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra: Constitution amendment
The air pumped out by the opposition MPs.: Opposing the constitution amendment, afraid of losing power to use as a means to destroy the people’s government
Phi Nooring: Amend before it’s too late.
Man mouse: We want the constitution of the people.

From Komchadluek, December 20, 2012
Man: Hey!! It looks like this mountain was already conquered.
[A flag with a communist symbol–alluding to the Red Shirts–is on top of Democracy Monument.]

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