Get out there and lead!

From Manager, March 2, 2021
Thanathorn: Why don’t you go out to lead the protest?!
Sai, Pakorn, Mike, Rung (left to right): We… want to play behind the scenes as well.
Caption: Second row of people who play behind the scenes.

[This cartoon is shows Thanathorn, Somsak and Pannika (at left), who always deny involvement in the anti-government protests despite seeming to cheer them on (along with several prominent Thai exiles). The cartoonist contends that it is clear that these people are directing the pace of the protests behind the scenes for their own benefit.
After the top anti-government protest leaders were arrested, accused of many things including violating the Article 112, the remaining anti-government protest leaders, Sai, Pakorn, Mike, and have not shown up as much to lead anti-government protests.
The cartoonist jokes they would like to stay behind the scenes where it is safe.]

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