Genie Crushes the Democrats


From Arun, April 9, 2015
Top right corner: Democrat warns ‘Big Tu’ not to stay a power following the fortune-teller’s prediction.
Top-left corner: Q-Kon, Arun Watcharasawat [the name of column and the cartoonist]
Title: Aladdin and genie in the lamp.
[The cartoon illustrates Democrat Party’s leader Abhisit warning to PM Prayuth not to follow the fortune-teller’s prediction that he would stay in power several years longer. Before the junta government seized power, the Democrat Party cooperated with anti-government groups who used a whistle as their symbol to overthrow the Yingluck’s government.
The whistle was meant to “call forth” the military to take action just like rubbing the lamp was meant to call forth a genie. Now that the military is calling the shots, the Democrats perhaps are not satisfied with what they conjured up.]

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