Gen. Sonthi On His Knees Over Coup Questions

From Thairath, March 20, 2012
The cartoon title reads: Who should start forgiving and forgetting the past?
Sanan asks: Who’s behind September 19, 2006 coup?
Gen. Sonthi: I won’t tell until the day I die.
On his shirt: Gen. Sonthi.
On his sign: Reconciliation.

Left to right
On the robe of the hooded figure: Order to suppress the people.
On the sign: Benefiting from the coup through a plan for secret trickery and camouflage.

Nam Yimyaem, AEC chairperson says: The AEC was set up by the NSC to take care of Thaksin. [Meaning the Assets Examination Committee was set up by the National Security Council which ran the coup to strip Thaksin of his assets.]

A senator’s sign: Appointed senators waiting to get rid of Thaksin.

On the sign being held by two persons: Independent entities are the outcome of the NSC and are aimed at dissolving the Pheu Thai Party.

On the judge’s sign: Judicial activism

On the mouse’s sign: Injustice is here.
On the man to the right of the mouse: He’s ashamed.

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