Gen. Prayuth and the press

[While, in general, Gen. Prayuth’s statements are not as bizarre sounding in Thai as they are in English, they point up the difficulty Thai generals have once they insert themselves into the political world. They are ham-fisted when dealing with the media, viewing the press as a nuisance that they can chastise and order around.]

Prayuth Deflects Questions About 600 Million Baht Land Sale – Khao Sod, November 5, 2014
…When a reporter asked Gen. Prayuth about the land sale today, the Prime Minister shot back that the media has no business questioning him on the matter.
“The land has belonged to me since I was a kid, it belonged to my father. So what’s the problem?” Gen. Prayuth said. “Please stop criticising me already…”

PM says CDC must listen people’s opinions –, November 4, 2014
…While praising all the 36 CDC members of being top legal minds, the prime minister stressed the need of the CDC to listen to divergent views about how to reduce or resolve internal conflicts in the future and how to bring about good governance in government bureaucracy.
…e also pleaded with the media to refrain from writing anything which will be damaging to the CDC as the Constitution is constituted as the supreme law of the land…

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