Gen. Chavalit warns: Junta constitutional reforms could trigger counter coup

Above: From 2011: Chavalit Escapes Yet Again

Army chief reacts coolly to Gen Chavalit’s counter coup remark – ThaiPBS, December 8, 2014
…Gen Chavalit said this change could lead to even wider divisions and more protests in the country.
He viewed that if the prime minister comes from election or elected by the people, then it might breach the power of the king as past appointments came from royal commands.
He asked whether it was appropriate to lower the supreme power of the King…

[Gen. Chavalit has long been a fair-weather Thaksin supporter, emerging at key times on his behalf and then retreating. From the 2006 post-coup New Year’s bombings in Bangkok to his appointment as Supreme Commander of a Red Shirt People’s Army of Thailand, he has become embroiled in Thai politics at odd times–before always quickly backtracking on his statements.

As a canny top military officer and failed Thai prime minister (his bungling triggered the world-wide 1997 financial crisis), there is little reason to take his statements at face value.

Thus, speculation will commence about what his counter-coup warning means. How could this be a gambit for Thaksin? Perhaps he speaks for the conventional Thai politicians who see their back-stage political coalitions in jeopardy from a directly elected prime minister.

Or is the entire “elected PM” recommendation a set-up by the junta to demonstrate they are examining all avenues of reform and, through Chavalit’s warning, demonstrate that it would be a danger to the King’s status (with Chavalit’s statement coming right after the King’s birthday celebrations)? This would also demonstrate that no one in conventional politics (except Thaksin himself) would benefit from having a directly elected PM.

Gen. Chavalit once famously summed up Thai politics with his threat that he could “blow a whistle” and the country would be in flames. However, in the last decade he has demonstrated little ability to makes things happen politically and has even gained a reputation as a person who quickly retreats from any stand he takes.

Upadate: News reports seem to point to a more prosaic reason for Chavalit’s warning–the failure of his influence to impact a court case. From The Nation: …Before Chavalit called a press conference to discuss the counter-coup talk, news broke that the Supreme Court had ruled that Naruemol Nanthachot, the daughter of General Samrit Nanthachot, Chavalit’s close aide, was “unusually rich” and assets worth Bt86 million had been confiscated…

Note: In English his name is written several ways–Chavilit, Chavolit, Chavalit–and his nickname: Jew or Jiew.

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4 Responses to Gen. Chavalit warns: Junta constitutional reforms could trigger counter coup

  1. Wiz says:

    Big Dong (RTA Commander) said he DID listen to the warning from Big Jiw – definitely to justify the purge of watermelons within armed forces – at least, Junta has set up the reconciliation center to deal with those dissents against Junta – Big Dong also appeals to those angry para rubber workers who said they cannot wait until the rubber is rising to 60 Baht per kg

  2. Wiz says:

    Big Phaibun (minister of Justice) said Junta is finding the way to deal with counter coup – and they can the way to make a compromise to deal with dissents
    Note: The movement of Big Jiw is likely the attempt to instigate disunity within Junta though

  3. Wiz says:

    Big Jiw, YOU have already taken the oath to protect His Majesty when you were active officer but we still never forgive the way you and Ai Somchai has pressured His Majesty while he was in Siriraj in 2008 to do anything in favor of Ai Maew … and what you have done in the news Gen. Chavolit to lead “People’s Army” as mentioned by Ai Big Pae (Gen Phanlop – the cowardice) is probably the greatest contravene against the oath you have taken of all. It would be the greatest mercy for you not to be denied of pension and other benefits yet.

  4. Wiz says:

    Big Too showing no fear on the counter coup threats from Big Jiw as well as self coup – election system is still inconclusive

    Big Pok said he trusts big too to handle the coup threats as well as self coup but he has no comment on Big Jiw at all

    Aid de camp of Big Jiw explaining, the coup in question is “People revolution” against Big Too from the direct election of PM and Cabinet – definitely People who are robots in human forms under control of corrupt politicians

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