Game over

From Thairath, June 8, 2014
Cartoon title: Game over [this means that the unexpected military putsch has put an end to various things]

Top left: Game over. Time’s out for team-color sports! [referring to the political conflict between the Red and the Yellow Shirt groups]

Top middle: Game over. Time’s out for playing with 10 million guns! [Referring to Jarupong Ruangsuwan, former interior minister and head of the Pheu Thai Party, who said at a Red Shirt rally “fight this time death will be real” and that there were 10 million registered guns that the people held. This was a threat to the military and the courts that civil war would result if the party was interfered with.]

Top right: Game over. Time’s out for playing Mon hiding rice! [Thailand has a traditional children game called “Mon hides the cloth,” a kind of chasing game. The cartoon borrows the name, but changes ‘cloth’ to ‘rice.’ This refers to the 3 million tons of rice under the Yingluck Shinawatra government’s rice pledging scheme that is unaccounted for.]
Sign above the entrance: Rice warehouse

Bottom left: Game over. Time’s out for being quibble bickering!
Sign above the entrance: CAPO [Centre for Administration of Peace and Order]
Men from left: Surapong Towichakchaikul, former foreign minister; Tarit Pengdit, former director of the Special Investigation Department [who is the third man?]
[The groups these men represent have been doing the bidding of the ruling party to overwhelm opposition figures with legal cases and threaten the courts]

Bottom middle: Game over. Time’s out for playing ‘Ti Chab’! [a traditional Thai children’s game of catch. Behind bars is Sombat Boonngam-anong, aka Bor.Kor Laiy Joud. He’s one of the highly active Red Shirt supporters who deifed the coup makers. More about him here.]

Bottom right: Game over. Time’s out. Insert coin. If you want to keep playing, insert more coins! [The man is Thaksin Shinawatra. It means if Thaksin wants his supporters to keeping fighting for him, he must pay more.]

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