From “Siamese talk” to “Kristie talk”

From Thairath, July 23, 2014
Left: Thai man: In the past, due to the miscommunication, foreigners criticized Thai people saying that when Thais say something, they do the opposite. So, they called it “Siamese talk.”
Middle: Thai man: Luckily, America sends its ambassador to help us solve this criticism.
A man: How?
Right: It changes from “Siamese talk” to “Kristie talk.”

[The cartoon ridicules the statements of U.S. Ambassador to Thailand Kristie Kenney toward the junta. At the outset, she strongly criticized the junta. However, after the US began to be criticized by Thais in the media and the U.S. seemed to lose advantage to other countries who “showed their understanding to the situation in Thailand,” the US ambassador has lately changed her statements by affirming positive and strong Thai-US relations despite the coup.]

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