From 2012: Pheu Thai Party (and Thaksin) becoming all-powerful

In 2012 the Pheu Thai Party was ascendant. It was piling up legal cases against the opposition Democrat Party while avoiding blaming the military for violence against the Red Shirts.
There was no force that could match the might and boldness of the Red Shirts who were openly threatening judges who might rule against the government.
The public seemed little concerned about government pledges to rewrite the constitution to prevent non-elected bodies from being able to oversee government actions. Pheu Thai continued to spend on its populist pledges and Yingluck was popular across the political spectrum.

From 2012:
Thaksin’s Police Chief assigns 13 cops to investigate top Democrats
Fruit of the Poisonous Tree
Democrats Encircled
Democrat says govt blocks party meeting tape from going on air
Obama and Clinton in Thailand

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