Friendship prevents the war from breaking out

From Thairath, November 12, 2013
Title: Friendship prevents the war from breaking out. The impact returns to those who are malevolent.
PM Yingluck is shaking hand with Cambodian PM Hun Sen.
Foreign Minister Surapong Tovichakchaiku is holding a poster saying “ICJ’s balanced judgment”
Thai ambassador to the Netherlands and a leader of Thai legal team Virachai Plasai is holding a Thai flag.
Man with glasses is holding a poster that says: Bring back Preah Vihear. Cause a conflict between Thailand and Cambodia.
Man laying down is holding a poster that says: Reject ICJ’s judgment.
Sign in the hole: Suthep’s hole [a trap] to overthrow the government.
Sound from the hole: Peed… [sound of a whistle, “blowing a whistle” is a Thai saying to mean call out people to rise up in protest]
Phi Nooring: Ultra-nationalist
Mouse: Being a nationalist with rationality.
[The cartoon illustrates that the strong relations between Thailand and Cambodia help prevented Yingluck government enemies from using the International Court of Justice’s ruling to attack her over the Preah Vihear temple dispute.]

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