Obama copies Thaksin


From Manager, July 29, 2015
Title: Setthakit…Setthakuan by Ngao
Top, Thaksin explains about a Red Shirt supporter: Whoever votes for our party… they are our priority to be taken care of!
Caption: The older brother-in-law used to say that. [meaning Thaksin used this tact to encourage people to vote for him]
Bottom President Obama explains about Malaysian PM Najib: Whoever stays with us… they sure get a promotion to the very first “tier”!
Caption: Now, the younger brother-in-law [Obama] says this.

[The top frame shows how Thaksin created a Singapore-style where those areas that vote for the ruling party receive benefits and money from the government ahead of other areas.
The bottom frame shows Obama explaining how staunch ally Malaysia is not taken to task for human trafficking in the same was Thailand was. This reflects the viewpoint of Thais who chafe at U.S. calls for quick elections which they interpret as a desire for a return of Thaksin and one-party state (like Malaysia or Singapore).
The writer is saying Obama copies or uses the same methods as Thaksin in order to get people on his side.
The cartoonist insinuates that Yingluck is the wife of Obama. This refers the rumor of Yingluck and Obama sharing romantic glances when Obama visited Bangkok. More on this: The Burden of Being a Prominent Thai Woman–and Being Called a Slut and from Gawker: America, Meet Your New First Lady: Obama’s Foreign Side Piece, the Prime Minister of Thailand]

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