Friends who now fight against each other

From Thairath, November 4, 2013
Cartoon title: Did it hurt enough?
Above the key: Amnesty
Headbands on the two men’s heads: UDD [the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship]
UDD man on the left: The beginning of the Soi
UDD man on the right: The middle of the Soi
On back of man in the front: The Pheu Thai Party
The Pheu Thai man: The end of the Soi
On jail wall: Political prisoners
Phi Nooring: Friends who used to fight alongside each other
Mouse: Unity is power.

[The term the “‘end of the Soi’ amnesty bill” was first used by the Labour Minister Chalerm Ubumrung to mean it should ensure that Thaksin is pardoned and can return to Thailand. The cartoonist laments that Red Shirts are not in agreement over if there should be an amnesty and what it should cover.]

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