Crackdown on the Men in Black

Police arrest 5 infamous ‘men in black’ for 2010 protest violenceBangkok Post, September 11, 2014
…Five soldiers were killed in the April 10, 2010 clash that began as soldiers tried to clear out protest camps at the Khok Wua intersection near Democracy Monument, Tanao Road and adjacent zones in Bangkok. Among the dead was senior army officer Col Romklao Thuwatham.
The shadowy “men in black” remain one of the lasting images of the 2010 protests by red-shirted supporters of former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra who were rallying against the Abhisit Vejjajiva government.
Their existence – and what they had done – became almost folklore as people on both sides of the conflict attributed a number of shootings and bomb attacks to the dark-clad figures.

Five arrested, two sought for killing of military officersThe Nation, September 11, 2014
…Romklao and four other army officials were killed during a military crackdown on red shirt protesters in 2010 at Kok Wua intersection when grenades were fired. Romklao was promoted to the rank of army general in honour for his sacrification…

Romklao’s wife thanks police for arresting ‘men in black’The Nation, September 11, 2014
…Nicha posted a message on her Facebook Wall saying she hoped the arrest would expose the mastermind of the attacks.

Police: Arrested Men in Black suspects not responsible for Gen Romklao’s deathThaiPBS, September 11, 2014
…Deputy commissioner of the Royal Thai Police Pol Gen Somyos Poompanmuang said they were only responsible for battling with troops and firing at the protesters during the red-shirt protests at the Democracy Monument, at the same day when Gen Romklao was killed.
He said the killing of the general was the work of another group of men in black which the police are still investigating…

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