Freed red-shirts in surprise meeting with PM

Freed red-shirts in surprise meeting with PM - The Nation, November 12, 2010
...The PM also enquired about conditions in prison. Panitan said there are 48 red shirts still in detention who do not have anyone to apply for bail on their behalf. The PM asked the Justice Minister to look into the matter too.
...Prison staff told the red shirts that Vishnu left only in a prison uniform of short pants and yellow T-shirt, and had nobody to meet him...

[There are also some links to Thai-language articles about this on the forum. This lack of support for detained Reds is contrary to many public Red Shirt claims that rioters would be taken care of with instant bail. Part of this is undoubtedly due to a reluctance to associate Thaksin and the Pheu Thai with the actions of more radical rioters. However, it really points up Thaksin's political need to ensure Red Shirt anger is managed by Pheu Thai politicians, not Red activists. The regular rallies around the country led by politicians like Chavalit and Chalerm are meant to emphasize this. The Red Shirt leaders will still be lauded and held up as martyrs, but preferably while they remain in jail and unable to further lead the movement.]

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