Fracturing parties

From Naewna, May 28, 2020
Left: We will survive if we stick together. Otherwise, we will die.
Right: If we are together and do nothing, then we should separate even it will cause us to die.
Caption: From now on, we are not going to attend the funeral even one or the other dies.

[Refers to the intense conflict within the Phea Thai party as Thaksin supposedly attempts to reassert influence as new parties and factions are forming and the “Progressive Movement” gains traction with the public.
The cartoon shows a separation of the letters that make up the party’s logo–“PT.” Here the “P” (พ) and “T” (ท) are walking away from each other.
We think the caption plays on the Thai idiom, “Even if you die, we will not attend the funeral” meaning that there exists hate and an unforgiving attitude between rivals.]

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