Forget the Old Past Party

From Manager, November 27, 2018
Left, sign in the background: The Old Past Party
Left, Thanathorn: What!… Pretending like you don’t know your old party!!
At far left Piyabutr holds a sign that says: Don’t allow the king to talk with people [refers to a proposal to prohibit the monarchy from arbitrating or intervening in intractable political disputes]
On Piyabutr’s shirt: Nitirat
Sign on the right: Future Forward Party
Caption: The party which the Future Forward Party is scared of the most

[This shows founders of the Future Forward Party Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit and Piyabutr Saengkanokkul being scared of earlier versions of themselves.
Although the party has insisted that it is not allied with the Red Shirts or Thaksin’s political groups, recently photos circulated showing Thanathorn participating in a Red Shirt protest.
Party co-founder Piyabutr is a former members of the Nitirat, a group of Thammasat law professors who campaigned for the elimination of Thailand’s lese majeste laws.
While such reforms are viewed as desirable by most people, the fact that this push for changes was coming at the end of a royal reign and that anti-royal agitation had sometimes been part of Red Shirt political agitation has led to suspicions that the calls for reform were calculated and related to politics.
The cartoonist seeks to show how the Future Forward Party might just be part of the pro-Red Shirt/Thaksin political machine despite the denials of its founders.]

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