For some people happiness is not about watching football or free movie

From Manager, June 22, 2014
Caption: For some people… happiness is not about watching football… or a free movie

Left, Nitcha Thuwatham: If only the legal system can convict the person who killed Brother Romklao, I’ll be happy.
[Col. Romklao Thuwatham was killed during an armed confrontation with the Red Shirts’ “men in black” during the political crisis in 2010. Red Shirt leaders such as Seh Daeng later took credit for Romklao’s slaying and the military then killed Seh Daeng in a sniper attack. Nitcha is Romklao’s widow.]

Middle, Angkhana Neelapaijit: If only I knew how lawyer Somchai died and where his body is, I’ll be happy.
[Angkhana is the wife of Somchai Neelapaijit, a lawyer who disappeared mysteriously on March 12, 2004. He was one of many activists who disappeared or was killed during Thaksin’s time as prime minister.]

Right, Veera Somkwamkid: If only I can return to family in Thailand… I’ll be very happy.
[Veera is a Yellow Shirt leader who was arrested by Cambodian soldiers near the border in Surin Province on December 29, 2010. He had been touring the border to stir up tensions over the Yellow Shirt issue of border demarcation with Cambodia. On July 1, Cambodia released Veera in what was interpreted as warming relations with the new Thai junta.
The point of this cartoon is to prod the junta to look into these issues as opposed to promoting free World Cup matches or free movie screenings.]

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