Follow the old charter or not?


From Thairath, February 9, 2015
Left: Man 1: Why can’t the NLA remove two former Senate and House speakers and one former PM? [meaning the retroactive impeachment of Yingluck and parliament speakers for breaking the rules to allow constitutional amendments to be forced through]
Man 2: I’m a lawyer. I insist the rights under the Constitution 50 [the constitution of 2007] are already terminated. [meaning that it makes no sense to impeach politicians who served under a constitution that has been abolished]
Right: Soldier: Now, there is the order not to allow people to gather to meet [and thus show support] with the suspect who allegedly made a fake royal statement.
A fat man: I’m a lawyer. I insist on my rights under the Constitution 50 [the constitution of 2007].
[Refers to the Red Shirt lawyers who insisted on referring to the previous constitution in some cases, but not in others. Then National Legislative Assembly (NLA) recently impeached Yingluck from office, but former Senate speaker Nikorn Wairatpanij and former House speaker Somsak Kiatsuranont survived the impeachment. Later, the Red-Shirt member was accused of spreading a fake Royal declaration.]

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