Flood Politics: Taunting the Bangkok Governor

From Thairath, October 12, 2012
Cartoon title: Three baskets of olives still can’t hit him. [Meaning even though you throw three baskets olives at him, you still can’t hit him even once. This means the person is a big liar.]
Left: Bangkok Governor, M.R. Sukhumbhan Boriphat: These sandbags were planted in the sewage pipes by the Pheu Thai Party to frame me and the BMA.
On the mouses’ sign: Governor dummy
Middle: Pi Nooring: But your people said they were the ones who put them there. And these sandbags belong to the BMA.
Right: Then it’s the Pheu Thai Party who wants to remove the bags to frame me and the BMA…!
[Reference is to the recent arguments about the sandbags found in Bangkok drainage system. When the news was first released, advocates of the governor speculated that it may be the Pheu Thai party’s plot to frame the governor who is a member of its rival the Democrat Party. Later on, it became clear that the BMA used the bags as part a plan to redirect flood waters to other areas.]

From Thairath, October 17, 2012
Cartoon title: Even the gods can’t help
On the jacket of man on the left: Science committee
Paper in his hand: Using engineering to solve the flood problem
Bangkok Governor, M.R. Sukhumbhan Boriphat: God of Rain… God of Konkha… angels and spirits, please help prevent the flood …!
Pi Nooring: Science vs superstition
Mouse: Governor dummy
On sandbags: Bangkok

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