Fleeing Thaksin’s separatist state

From Manager, February 26, 2014
Border sign: Border [to the left] Lanna [to the right] Thailand
Thaksin Shinawatra: I’d better run… What a damned country! There are only poor people… Can’t pay taxes… Merely wait for me to feed them…
Caption: If the country is separated… [he is] the first who ask to return.

[Thaksin dresses as Chao Moul Muang, king of Lanna Kingdom. The Manager Group has long pointed out that Thaksin fancies himself as a royal Lanna figure and would not hesitant to divide the country if he is stymied from power in Bangkok. In recent weeks some Red Shirt leaders have advocated succession for the north and Prime Minister Yingluck was photographed greeting supporters wearing headbands advocating the setting up of a new nation in the north of Thailand.
In this cartoon the artist pokes fun at the belief that Thaksin supporters, such as Red Shirt leaders and Pheu Thai MPs, are mainly motivated to support him because of regular salary payments from Thaksin. As the center of money and power in Thailand is Bangkok, the loss of this region and a retreat to a separatist north would mean Thaksin alone would have to bankroll a government there and support its people.]

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