Fixing the Democrat’s police station project

From Arun, June 20, 2014
NCPO [the National Council for Peace and Order] spends more than a billion baht on a budget to revive the police station construction project. Thank you, sir.
Left side of the uniform: Police stations under the Thailand’s strength of the Democrat Party
Right side of the uniform: NCPO’s police stations

[This concerns new police station construction across the country. This project was initiated under the Abhisit government. The contractor was unable to complete the project leaving many incomplete structures along with charges of corruption in the handling of the tender.
The uniform represents the two sides of the uniform: the left side represents the project under the Democrat Party’s authority which is untidy because of corruption. The right side represents the project under the NCPO which is neater due to strict supervision. (Is this right?)
There is also a Thai expression about buttoning a shirt in the wrong way to symbolize doing things in the wrong order. Does that apply here?]

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