Fingers Penetrating Yingluck

From Manager, September 3, 2012
Buildings from left: Defense Ministry, Commerce Ministry and Royal Thai Police Bureau
On the sack: Rice mortgage
On Fingers: Jae Daw [this is Thaksin’s powerful sister, Yaowapa]
Yingluck says: Oh my! It’s piercing up here, too!!!
The caption reads: Now, Daw is everywhere!

[Thaksin’s politically savvy sister Yaowapa has been accused of pushing her political proxies into various government posts.
This has apparently riled the factions that support PM Yingluck. Yingluck, though politically powerless, is backed by top figures in Pheu Thai who wish their own people in top posts.
Despite the party’s overall political dominance, this clash of wills has stalled plans to quickly pack ministries with cronies who would be loyal to Thaksin.
The cartoon implies Yaowapa’s fingers are everywhere and even penetrating Yingluck. The fingers here have the same meaning as the “middle finger” which is “daw” in Thai. This is one of the typically ultra-rude Manager editorial cartoons that plays on vulgar meanings.]

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