Finally Hung by Hopewell

From Thairath, July 25, 2020
Title: Will he survive?
PM Prayuth: The government has massive debts. Whoever loves me, please help me.
On the fire: Silly payment for a compensation for the Akara gold mine.
On the pole: Silly payment for a compensation for Hopewell.
Phi Nooring: Will face a lot of difficulties.
Mouse: Like to make silly payments

[Refers to the government, led by PM Prayuth, facing massive fines for past government’s projects and action. In particular, the State Railway of Thailand and the Transport Ministry were ordered by the court to pay 11.88 billion baht in compensation to Hopewell (Thailand) Co for the cancellation of a mega-transport project two decades ago.
The government is also in court fighting the Australian company Kingsgate over the closure of the Akara gold mine.
The cartoonist seems to contend that the government should find a way not to pay the compensation.]

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