Thaksin and the fortuneteller E.T.

From Poojadkuan Manager, September 15, 2006
Left: There is only one person who could whisper one word to me and I would quit immediately…
Right: That person is the fortuneteller E.T.
Caption at bottom: This is the truth.

[This is a reference to a quote from Thaksin in February 2006 when he said he would step down as PM if someone “whispered to me”–meaning if the King told him to step aside he would. Here the joke is that Thaksin actually meant the fortune teller ET.]

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Fortuneteller’s life told on Thai TV –, October 8, 2012
…The series, titled Extraordinary Gift, will use actors and scripted material to tell the life story of E T, a fortuneteller who is famous not only on Myanmar — particularly for doing consultations with former members of the military elite — but also in Thailand, Japan and several other countries.
Many Thai people have travelled to Myanmar to consult E T, including series director Mr Nirattisai Kaljaruek, who has been coming to Yangon for that purpose for more than 10 years…

Prophet at the Box Office – The Irrawaddy, July 24, 2012
…More than 20 years ago, it was rumored that before overthrowing then Prime Minister Chatichai Choonhavan in February 1991, Thailand’s conspiring generals made a secret trip to Rangoon to seek advice from the fortune-teller. After consulting with ET, they apparently made several offerings at a temple in order to ensure a successful coup. When returning to Thailand, the generals were instructed not to touch the earth, but only to walk on red carpets when moving to and from cars and aircraft. This they duly did; their coup d’etat was ultimately successful.

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