Festival of reptiles crawling down into their holes

From Thairath, June 21, 2014
Cartoon title: Festival of reptiles crawling down into their holes
Officer with loudspeaker: Attention… attention… I’m chasing to arrest you guys…
On soldier’s helmet: NCPO [National Council for Peace and Order]
On document’s cover in hands of soldier: Eliminating mafias
On holes, from top left: Mafia; Influential people; Criminals; Shark loans; illegal logging; public land trespassing; Forest trespassing; Illegal lotto; Commuting van mafia, motorcycle taxis; Government lotto mafia; extortion; Corruption
Phi Nooring: For peace
Mouse: Returning happiness
[This cartoon is from Sia (or Zia) whose cartoons have always reflected staunch support of the Red Shirts and their campaigns. Sia was also one of Thaksin’s greatest cheerleaders during his time as PM. Thus this post-coup cartoon seeming to cheer the efforts of the military to root out corruption where elected governments have failed is somewhat shocking.
It perhaps reflects the overall Red Shirt mood. The movement is calculating its future in a world where the military is demonstrating they have the will to face down the Red Shirts and any attempt to pardon Thaksin. It may also be a part of a studied ruse by Red Shirt sympathizers to pretend to side with the military while awaiting future elections to propel Thaksin-aligned politicians back into power.]

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