Fees for the police

From Thairath, December 17, 2016
Title: They give it to us as a consultant fee, boss.
From upper left to right: Gift from drugs; gift from casino; gift from whorehouse; adviser fees from company private company
From below left to right: Gift from contraband goods; gift from lottery
Mouse man: NCCC [National Counter Corruption Commission] said this is not wrong.
Mouse: It is always hot.

[Refers to the recent high-profile case of a high-ranking police officer who was on the payroll as a consultant of a company. This incident was seized upon in the public mind to illustrate how police officers are easily compromised by “gifts” from various sources.
It has previously been rare for pro-Thaksin/pro-Red Shirt cartoonists (such as this one) to attack the police as the police force is a solid ally of Thaksin and his causes.
However, recent evidence of the compromised nature of the force, as well as the spectacle of the military enforcing laws that the police refuse to enforce, such as beach encroachment, has led to widespread condemnation of the police.]

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2 Responses to Fees for the police

  1. Anonymous says:

    Now, police have involved in the abducting and murdering a tomboy who caused eternal triangle to police commander of Ban Pong along with the case of morally bankrupted police who is will to find scapegoat to get promotion while ruining the teacher family

  2. Anonymous says:

    the latest act of police to cow those eyewitnesses to clear the charge for scapegoat teacher by those police top brasses including police chief have even added more public condemnation toward police including ex-police who demand police reforms of separating the investigation from police as police tend to abuse the investigation to gain more bribes and scapegoat for their promotions and better ways for eyewitness protection as police tend to cow those eyewitnesses or even coming up with false charges to put eyewitnesses behind the bar, esp those eyewitnesses who stand on their ways.

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