Feeling pity for Hulk and Wonder Woman

From Manager, April 12, 2019
On the sign: Pheu Thai Party
Pheu Thai Party general secretary Poomtham: Boss [meaning Thaksin] said the time of super hero has ended… it is now a time of the legal person to fight…
Caption: Feeling pity for Hulk and Wonder Woman

[Refers to a rumor from the Pheu Thai Party that Thaksin is planning to support former justice minister Chaikasem Nitisiri to take over the party instead of party’s key figures who help the party to win the election Sudarat Keyurahan and Chatchart Sittipunt (here represented by the Hulk and Wonder Woman).
Sudarat Keyurahan and Chatchart Sittipunt are both relatively flashy public politicians (“super heroes”) while Chaikasem Nitisiri is a more dour legalistic figure thought better to guide the party through expected legal cases that will be thrown at it if a junta-led coalition is formed.
The party’s secretary general Poomtham Vechayachai insisted that Sudarat still plays a key figure of the party and there is no conflict.]

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