Familiar events

From Thairath, December 8, 2013
Cartoon title: Familiar events, sir… Ajarn [‘Ajarn’ means teacher, professor, lecturer]
The man with the chair is current President of Thammasat University, Somkid Lertphaitoon
On the chair: Witch hunt, suspension
On Somkid’s suit: President
On Somkid’s necktie: Som(khob)kid [the word ‘somkhobkid’ means ‘conspiracy’]
[The student being lynched is Saran Chuichaiy, a sophomore student of the Faculty of Arts, Thammasat University. He is better known as ‘Um Neko’ and dresses as a woman. Um Neko became known for dressing in sexy clothes as well as for provocative opinions (at least for Thailand). He was suspended for one year for wearing the university’s female uniform and for provocative posters showing him in sexy poses with a male student in student uniform. Somkid strongly rebuked Un Neko when she attempted to replace the Thai flag on the Thammasat University dome with a black flag.]
On the skirt: Um Neko
On the black flag: Freedom against the Ajarns who serve dictators
Phi Nooring: Hurts his own student
Mouse: October 6 model
[All of this refers to the October 6, 1976 lynching of students that took place at Thammasat University. In one event captured on film, right-wing rioters hung and bashed a student with a folding chair as this cartoon shows.]

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