Fall into rice bucket

From Thairath, June 20, 2013
Cartoon title: Thai rice in various sizes

Left: The rice is rotten in warehouses because it cannot be sacked and sold!
[referring to several news stories revealing rice under the government’s rice mortgage project found rotten in warehouses in many provinces]

Middle: Some amount of rice were sold to middle men to put in rice buckets waiting for them to fall into.
[The idiom “fall into rice bucket” means finding a source of wealth, for example a poor man is married to a woman from a wealthy family. In this cartoon, this analogy is used to imply that some middlemen in the rice market find a source of wealth from the government’s rice mortgage project.]

Right: Exported rice ends up falling into a can in the world market
[“Fall into a can” means being unwanted. This means price of Thai rice under the government’s rice mortgage project is so high that it loses its competitiveness in the world market, and therefore nobody wants to buy it.]

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