Fake Stuff All Over Thailand

From Thairath, May 27, 2012
The caption reads : There’s many fake stuff all over Thailand.

Top left: There are real policemen and fake policemen. [many many police are involved in organizing criminal activity]

Top middle: There are real MP and fake MP. [meaning many government MPs are “owned” by banned Thai Rak Thai politicians or otherwise are on the payroll for Thaksin]

Top right: There’s real democracy and fake democracy.

Bottom left: There’s real travellers and fake travellers. [referring to the many foreign criminals who travel to Thailand]

Bottom middle: There’s the real prime minister and fake prime minister. [meaning Thaksin is the real Prime Minister of Thailand]

Bottom right: There is the real speaker of parliament and fake speaker of parliament. [referring to the House Speaker who is supposed to put the interest of parliament, but instead clearly acted on behalf of Thaksin with a surprise motion to expedite amnesty bills for him]

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